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Why Are Bed Bugs the Pest of the 21st Century

Bed Bugs have become immune to many of the modern pesticides and have evolved into a super bug that can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. They spend most of their life cycle in hiding and only come out to feed primarily on human blood when victims are sleeping. In fact, a sleeping person can be bitten up to 500 times in a single night! Victims suffering from Bed Bug bites often feel embarrassed and violated. NO ONE wants creepy little bugs crawling on them and biting them while they sleep at night.

Why Are They Hard to Control?

Bed Bugs are plentiful - Bed Bugs latch onto humans to find food, and with world travel at an all-time high and a nearly three-fold increase in world population, the Bed Bug invasion is spreading at an historical level.

Bed Bugs are small - They are roughly one-third the length of a penny and are thinner than a business card.

Bed Bugs are stealthy - They are perfectly equipped to live covertly within a human dwelling.

Bed Bugs are strong - Bed Bugs can survive up to a year without feeding. Also, Bed Bugs multiply fast. Consequently, Bed Bug populations double every two weeks. Additionally, these pests are so strong that if there was a worldwide nuclear holocaust tomorrow, Bed Bugs would be one of the only creatures on Earth to survive. Furthermore, Bed Bugs quickly adapt to poisonous pesticides. In fact, they are even immune to DDT.

Why Should You Be Concerned?

No human dwelling is immune to an infestation. From caves in Afghanistan to 5 star hotels, Bed Bugs have been found anywhere humans live. No facility is immune to this resourceful parasite.

Bed Bugs are excellent hitchhikers. For example, they can latch onto a hotel guest’s or tenants clothes, shoes, luggage, and deploy almost anywhere that they feel is suitable to colonize. Thus, humans or any moveable object can carry a fresh infestation into your facility anytime.

Bed Bug Bites create a Painful Liability. Although most people do not feel bed bugs biting them during the overnight feeding cycle, nearly all bites develop into swollen red bumps. These itchy inflamed bite marks can develop secondary infections when scratched.

What can a Bed Bug infestation cost?

    • Lost Income
      un-rentable or out of service rooms
    • Angry Guests / Tenants
      word of mouth public relations nightmare
    • Poor Public Perception
      Bed Bugs=Dirty Facility
    • Morale Impact
      Stressed out guests, tenants,
      and staff members
    • Government Troubles
      Exposure to government
      intrusion, regulation and fines
    • Legal Problems
      Exposure to litigation and settlements
      (visit our litigation section for examples)

Hard Costs: Impacting the Bottom Line

  • Repair and refurbish badly infested premises
  • Employee liability and workplace safety violations
  • Medical bills for treating bites and other bed bug related conditions

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