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Effective system

An Effective
3 Step System

Below is an outline of our Bed Bug Management system. As you will see below, our system is simple to implement, and efficient at managing Bed Bugs in any multi-person dwelling. Our system will teach you to:

Bed Bug Bureau 3 step approach

1. Detect:

Learn how to find Bed Bugs in the early stages of an infestation in order to effectively eliminate them. Doing so will help keep unwanted Bed Bug infestations and public relations crises to a minimum.

A.) Use our complete training materials to                   educate your workers on how to inspect
for Bed Bug evidence.

2. Destroy:

Have the ability to treat and control Bed Bug evidence when discovered. Treatment consists of these highly effective steps:

A.) Spray Crack and Crevice Spray within
hidden areas such as between walls
and outlets.

B.) Use Dead Bed Bugs™ Contact Killing Spray              for free roaming Bed Bugs.

C.) Use All Stop™ Professional Steamer
in room.

D.) Vacuum treatment in room.

3. Deter:

Properly implementing our deterrence methods make your multi-dwelling environment unfriendly and uninhabitable for Bed Bugs yet safe for humans to live in. Also, by following these steps you can help prevent future infestations.

A.) Apply DE for longterm residual removal.

B.) Implement All Stop™ Encasement Devices
to entrap Bed Bugs.

C.) Implement other recommended
deterrence measures.

D.) Continue daily routine inspections.

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