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So, Why Not Just
Hire An Exterminator?

Exterminators Are Not Discreet.

A brightly decorated pest control truck in the parking lot or a team of exterminators hauling equipment in and out of your building are both dead giveaways that your facility has a Bed Bug problem.

Exterminators + Multiple Treatment Calls= Expensive and Ineffective Solution

Initial service visits can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars into the thousands just for a single room. In fact, some companies have been known to charge $50,000 to $60,000 for severe outbreaks.

An Alarming Fact about
Commercial Exterminators

There is no guarantee that one, two, or even ten expensive service visits from the exterminator will solve your Bed Bug problem. A treated room can be Bed Bug free one day and a new guest or visitor can unknowingly bring in a few almost microscopic Bed Bug eggs the next day and a new colony is born.

Exterminator Methods are
Ineffective and Can Be Dangerous

The latest research suggests that Bed Bugs have developed resistance to many of the modern toxic pesticides exterminators use and are likewise growing immune to newer pesticides at alarming rates. Also, many pesticide applied to treat Bed Bugs simply flush the bugs into deeper hiding areas instead of getting rid of them. Consequently, once the residual effects of the toxic chemicals have worn off, the Bed Bugs return months later to attack again. In fact, Bed Bugs can live in hiding for up to a year without a blood meal. Treatment methods such as thse aren’t helping the problem get better. By contrast, they are making the problem worse.

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