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Innovative Approach

An Innovative Approach

Exterminate the Exterminators:
A Fresh Approach to Bed Bug Management

It is clear that current Bed Bug extermination and control methods have limited effectiveness. Fortunately, the experts at Bed Bug Bureau have developed a long term, cost-effective, environmentally safe system that attacks the problem through an integrated treatment approach. Coordinated pro-active efforts by workers, management, maintanence and tenants through education, detection, and proper treatment and deterrence.

Manage Bed Bugs Quietly and Covertly

Our system is totally discreet. It’s designed to help you manage any size Bed Bug infestation without the need for costly extermination contractors.

Manage Bed Bugs Safely and Easily

We’ve developed a long term, environmentally friendly system that employs zero pesticides. Our adaption-proof solution follows Mother Nature’s lead. It’s the only method that gets rid of Bed Bugs without allowing them to develop immunity. There is no need to expose guests, staff members, or tenants to toxic chemical pesticides. Also, there is no need to ever replace furnishing or carpets, once our system has been properly implemented.

Manage Bed Bugs Effectively

Why pay exterminators over and over to do a job you can do in-house, in a more effective and less expensive way? With our system, you no longer have to rely on exterminators to treat Bed Bugs. Instead, using the All StopT Dead Bed BugsT system, you treat the problem internally.

Our Easy-To-Learn System Can Train Anyone to Do It

  • Cleaning staff and maintenance personnel can perform treatments in the hospitality setting.
  • Apartment dwellers can be supplied with the product and trained to effectively handle infestations and treat their personal belongings, while maintanence performs common area treatment.
  • Environmental Services personnel can easily manage outbreaks in hospitals, nursing homes, and group living facilities.
  • No matter what type of multi-unit living environment you manage, our system will train existing staff to quickly, quietly and inexpensively control bed bug infestations.

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