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Bed Bugs – Parasite of the future

Bed bugs (cimex lectulariuis) are small sneaky parasites that feed on human blood. They are excellent parasites because they hide so well during daylight hour or anytime victims are active. Once bed bug sense that activity is reduced and the victim may be asleep, they come out from hiding to feed.

Superior Engineering:
Bed Bugs are highly evolved and specialized to the task of survival. Since blood is their only food, they have developed specialized adaptations to improve their odds for successful feeding and reproduction. They can sense the exhaled breath of a sleeping victim. They can maneuver around heavy dangerous limbs to position themselves to feed. They show the ability to interpret pheromone release and track it directly to a blood source. They are surprisingly agile — especially while looking for blood.

Bed Bug Design Specs:
Think small, fast, and very flat when on the prowl for blood. A freshly fed bed bug is rather clumsy and slow, but a hungry one is lean and mean. Their profile is so low in fact, that they have earned the nickname, ‘Mahogany Flats’.

Beg Bugs can squeeze into nearly any crevice. Tiny cracks in plaster or even the narrow seam of electrical outlet plates are no barrier to these hungry little parasites. They can crawl freely on nearly any surface; can navigate while inverted, and have been observed falling up to ten feet without being harmed.

Amazing fact:
Most people assume you can feel bed bugs biting and crawling on you and often ask, ‘Why doesn’t the victim just wake up?’

Normally you can feel an adult bed bug crawling on you, IF you are awake and paying attention. Most people don’t feel the sensation on their bare skin, but rather they only feel the hairs on their skin being disturbed. This little tickling is the only tactile evidence on the bed bug making its way across your body.

An even more amazing advantage for the bed bugs is their sneaky way of positioning to feed. Most people are shocked to learn that it is very rare for a bed bug to actually crawl on the victim. Bed bugs commonly feed by simply latching onto the victim with only their feeding gear. They never even touch the victim!

Bed bugs have specialized chemicals they inject into the victim that block coagulation and prevent pain. This, combined with their stealthy behavior and feeding habits make them the Parasite of the future.

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Dwayne Coots

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