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Bed Bugs Invading College Campuses Nationwide

A Message to Parents, College Students, and College educators:

Being in college gives a young person the opportunity to experience many new exciting things. From building a foundation for a successful career to meeting life-long friends, college offers many ways to expand a young person’s horizon. However, not everything is so perfect with the college life. Do you remember that nasty old couch that your grandmother gave you for your first apartment? You know the one that your friend slept on every weekend until the day you all graduated? How about that recliner that you picked up for $20 at your neighbor’s garage sale? Well, nowadays these items are contributing to the rising Bed Bug epidemic sweeping mulit-person dwellings such as college apartments and dorm rooms. Due to their small size, overabundance of people, clutter, and often used furniture, dorm rooms are especially ideal breeding grounds for Bed Bugs. In fact, there have been reports popping up everywhere of costly Bed Bug incidents such as:

  • Ohio State University has had a multitude of Bed Bug troubles over the past 15 months, spokeswoman Ruth Gerstner says, including an outbreak in May 2007 in three rooms of a high-rise dorm. Workers had to treat 114 rooms.
  • With their large number of dorm rooms and apartments, University of Florida has had several severe infestations within the past year as well.
  • Texas A&M has spent over $37,000 this past year in treatment
  • Not surprisingly, Columbia University in New York, the Bed Bug Capital of the US, has also had Bed Bug problems recently.

I’ll say it once, and I’ll say it again. The only way to make this problem better before it gets worse is an integrated program in which students are properly educated on the dangers of Bed Bugs and take the necessary prevention measures. Proper Bed Bug deterrence such as using DE-Stroy Eco Dust with the combination of a Paravinyl encasements on the mattress and box spring can go a long way. And one more thing college kids, I know it’s tempting, but STAY AWAY FROM that wonderful hand-me down furniture….

-Agent Cooper

The Bed Bug Blame Game

Unfortunately, Bed Bug responsibility is not a clear cut matter. With the constant barrage of Bed Bug related lawsuits and the easability at which people can shout out at each other via the Internet, is it any wonder that this is happening. Just look at this Chicago Fox Bed Bug News Story.As you can see the landlord and the tenants are not seeing eye to eye on hardly anything Bed Bug related. The news story tells how the landlord urges the tenants to throw out their infested  mattresses and other furniture. Well, the next day, other tenants go and grab infested furniture and put it in their homes. Thus, infecting their homes with terrible, parasitic Bed Bugs! So, who is to blame in a situation like this?

Well the answer………………………………………WHO CARES! That’s right the proper answer is “who cares”. This will always be the case because wasting time pointing the finger is not going to solve this problem. In fact, it is wasted energy. Do you think the Bed Bugs eating those apartments in Chicago care? Absolutely not. A much better solution is for the tenants and landlords is to be proactive and to work together to solve this problem. The only approach to the Bed Bug epidemic is through proper education, and teamwork among all involved parties.

Agent Cooper