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Bed Bugs Get Around

The most obvious factor when attempting to keep track of Bed Bug infestations in apartment and condo units is that Bed Bugs quite simply traverse from one unit to another. Bed Bugs are aware of our natural heat, CO2, not forgetting pheromones given off by people. Once a colony has found a point when it no longer has a food source that can keep it alive, break away bugs move on to the next unit by way of the walls and unsealed bottom plates,to the promise of sources of food in the adjacent unit.

Many families try unworkable home remedies for Bed Bugs or more troublesome measures– such as throwing out their Bed Bug-infested mattresses and bedding, and usually ripping out carpet and replacing furniture to rid Bed Bugs from their home! While this course of action seem to be understandable ways of behaving this isn’t an advised to go into the walls, under the baseboards or any other suitable place. If the sufferer is able to slide a credit card into a tiny space, a Bed Bug is likely to find a home and nice spot to breed. Often pest control routines attack Bed Bugs in a similar manner to that which they treat roaches – spray in the area of the baseboards. This will not be successful as a Bed Bug’s natural genetic instinct is entirely different from that of a roach!

Many victims of bed bug infestation have said they’ve actually been turned away by pest control contractors because they don’t have an efficient treatment for Bed Bugs! Can you understand where you infested these Bed Bugs originally? In most cases from a visit at a Guest House or Hotel while not at home and you carried them back in your clothing and luggage. It’s not very likely the problem is via a visitor at your place of living or second-hand furnishing.