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Quick Look at Bed Bug Treatments

We have heard the saying of don’t let the bed bugs bite, but for some of you out there, they might be biting all too much. How do you get rid of them? Believe it or not there are a few things you can do. Follow us, as we tell you a bit about the bed bug treatment in which you can do as well as the services that you might need to end up getting.

The first thing that you might find is that you can always try and take preventative measures. This would be to get a mattress cover. Since bed bugs love human blood, one of the places they will hide and get your blood is within your mattress. Get something to protect them from thriving in the threads. You might be happy that you have done so.

Another thing that you can do is make sure that you vacuum and steam clean your carpet. This is another area that they love to hang around. When they bite you, it will leave you feeling itchy and all in those locations. This is why you need to try sucking as many of them up or suffocating them with the steam.

The reason we tell you to steam clean is all due to the fact that these bugs hate extreme temperatures. Something else that you can do that stems along the idea of them hating extreme temperatures, there is something else you can do. For those things such as a mattress and all, you can put those items in extreme cold or extremely hot areas.

Some people use the at home foggers. However, if you use them, you might find that they have little to no effect as well as they make a mess. This can be very annoying and more of a hassle that you bargained for. If you are looking to have foggers done, then you might want to pay the extra money and get someone in there to do it for you.

That is why if you really need help of chemicals as this should be your last resort, then we recommend having an exterminator do this. They will know what has to be done. They will know how bad they are. They can do the work of fogging and normally, it won’t take as long when an exterminator does it for you. Yes, this might be a bit of money that you weren’t expecting to spend, but this is the best way to get rid of bed bugs.

So, you see, there are things that you can do. Kiss bed bugs goodbye. Tell them that they are not welcomed at your home. This is the way to get it done. When you do this, you will feel much relief as you won’t be itching from their bites any longer.

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Bed Bug Management with Bed Bug Spray

When we were kids a lot of us may have remembered being tucked in with that old saying about not letting the bed bugs bite. As funny as we may have thought it was when we heard it. It really is not all that funny if you discover that you actually might have those pests in your bed. As much of a hassle they may be you can get rid of them if you get the right bed bug spray.

How do you know if they have infested your bed? Well, one of the first signs might be that you wake up in the morning with unexplained bites on your body. This may not be bed bugs but it is better to be safe than sorry. This should make you want check out your bed and everything in your bedroom.

Bed bugs can actually be seen with the naked eye so you should first do a quick visual to see if you see any insect that is about a quarter of an inch in size is flat and brown in color. The best places to look would be in dark places or places that are isolated. If you do not see any bugs with the naked eye you should then look for a fecal matter they leave behind. If you see some sort of brown markings on your sheets almost a rust color, this is a tell tell sign that you have an infestation.

Follow this checklist and it should make it easier to find the bugs if they are hiding. Check the head board of your bed, the foot of the bed, the space in between the bed and head board as well. Check in any rips there might be in the mattress or box spring. Check light switches, cracks in paint, inside framed pictures, take drawers out of dressers and check inside. Small appliances should be checked as well.

It is important that the bed bug spray you purchase is a safe one and specifically made for areas where you will have a lot of contact with. If your bed is in very good it is more than likely you are going to want to treat the bed. If it is old and has several rips or tears in it, it might be a better idea just to buy a new bed. But make sure that everything in the room is treated before bringing the bed in the room.

When you begin to treat your bed, you might want to combine a bed bug dust with a bed bug spray. The dust will cover a larger area and a lot more evenly than the spray. The spray is excellent for crevices and all other places it would be hard to get the dust into.

When spraying make sure to spray all around the bed, behind the bed, under the bed, spray the dressers and all furniture in the room. Do not forget to also spray the entire closet area. Spray framed pictures, the light switches and anything else that could be hiding the bugs. You can then take the dust and spread it evenly and generously on the mattress, make sure mattress is dry before adding it to the bed.

Bed bugs are a pain to deal with and they can make a person uncomfortable with the itching they may cause. It is important to note not to panic if you find you have them, they do not carry any type of disease.

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Bed Bug Cover Affordable Bed Bug Management

Pest infestation of any kind is unwelcome. Taking precautions against them are at times tricky at best, but having a good bed bug cover can be a step in the right direction. While this might not stave off the problem altogether, it may make getting rid of them much easier. These do not cost much, and are simple to put on.

There are many easy things that you can do in order to avoid this unpleasant issue to start with. Simply laundering your bedding on a routine schedule will help more than you know. If it seems like a big chore, then try adding it to your calendar and treat it like an appointment that you do not want to go to, but have to anyway.

As you look for the right cover for you, you may notice that there is a wide variety available. They are easy to find and can be located in most department stores. The most common ones are generally the type that cover the entire mattress and have a zipper to close. These are popular because they provide the most protection. If that seems over the top you can get them to fit over your mattress, the same as a fitted sheet does.

As a matter of household maintenance these should be replaced on an annual basis. Some people may find this to be excessive, however these items can suffer from normal wear just as anything else. Over time they can become less effective, or even rip. With a rip it would hardly be worth having. By replacing them on a regular, yearly schedule you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your defensive efforts.

Depending on what type you purchase, these can also help with allergies. Many people can suffer serious allergies, and you would be amazed at the number of possible allergens that reside in your bedding. It is possible to get covers that protect against these. For allergy sufferers the concept of bed covers is nothing new. Having the dual purpose makes them even more appealing.

Of course there can be many other activities that can keep your home safer from bugs and pests. Vacuuming on a daily basis is a great way to keep your home unappealing to bugs. This way there is less of a chance that they can hide or travel through thick carpet fibers and make homes in your furniture or bedding.

Dusting frequently can also help quite a bit. Mites and other pests can make quite a feast from common household dust. Keeping a clean house does much to help protect yourself. Though you do not need to keep your home to museum standards, having a routine to help you keep up with things can be a big boost.

While there is nothing that can guarantee you a pest free home, there are simple things that can help you along. A good bed bug cover can help to reduce your risk of waking up with irritating and unsightly bites all over. The cover will cost you much less than a new mattress.

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