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Number One Bed Bug Killer

There was a long period of time in the past that we did not hear much about bed bugs. However, there has been a large resurgence of the little pests as of late. According to stories like the one that was covered on America Today, they have come back in a big way. There are many different reports that are saying that the extermination companies are seeing an increase of up to seventy percent in calls to send out a bed bug killer.

Bed Bugs are a small bug that feed on human blood, so they like to hide in your bed and be close to a food supply. Studies show that the little monsters can go as long as 12 months without eating, so you can even have them in a vacant, clean, apartment you may move into. They have absolutely nothing to do with the sanitary conditions of your living space.

The most common reason that you have an infestation of bed bugs is that they were brought into your home somehow. If you have recently stayed in a hotel or on the road, chances are that they came back with you in a suitcase. It is also common for them to come into the home on furniture that you purchased, so be careful at garage sales and flea markets.

Now that you know what they are, what they like to eat, and how they got into your house, let’s talk about getting rid of them. If you are one of those people that are not wild about the idea of insecticide being sprayed in your home and on your furniture, there is an alternate solution that works very well.

First, you will want to wash all you’re bedding in hot water with Bleach and soap. Dry your bedding at the highest temperature that your dryer has. If it is possible, use one of those portable steam cleaners to clean your mattress and box springs.

You can buy food grade diatomaceous earth online very easily. You will rub the earth into the cover of the mattress and the cover box spring before you make your bed. You must be very careful to not let the bedding touch the ground. Sprinkle and rub the earth into your carpet making sure there is a concentration at the legs of the bed and any furniture.

This product will simply make the bed bugs dehydrate and die. This method works very well and is not toxic to pets or humans.

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Effective Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are normally associated with unsanitary, crowded living conditions. Unfortunately this is not entirely true. Bed bugs are spread from location to location by hopping into luggage and clothing. They are also transported by furniture. Knowing that you have come from a place that may be infested, regardless of whether or not your own home is kept in pristine condition, means that it is time for some bed bug control.

Bed bugs have the worst reputation, and in truth they absolutely deserve. Once you have an infestation these parasitic insects can be expensive and troublesome to get rid of. By taking a few preventative steps before entering your home from a possibly infested location, you can avoid getting an infestation of your own.

Everything that was with you at the site of the possible infestation must be de-bugged before it is brought into your home. An effective and free method of doing this requires the use of very high temperatures. Your luggage and clothing won’t respond well to heat applied just any old way, but a few common practices can get them hot enough to kill any living bed bug, without ruining them.

A lot of websites recommend line drying clothes beneath a hot summer sun. More people who have tried this than not say that this method is not thorough. This means that even after investing the effort to complete this method you are likely to start waking up with itchy bite marks and noticing bed bug feces on your sheets.

The greenhouse effect that is created by a locked car left in direct sunlight will kill just about anything. Put your luggage and your clothes in your car, roll up the windows, lock the door to prevent theft, and leave your car in the sun for several hours. The temperature in your car will rise rapidly, and the bed bugs will definitely die.

Coming back from an infested location on a cold, overcast day will render this method of treatment ineffective. Another alternative for situations such as these is to wash your clothes at regular settings, but then dry them until they are painfully hot to the touch. Once they are this hot to you, you can be relatively certain that any hitchhiking insects will be dead. Keeping your clothes in the drier far longer than normal will not hurt durable items, and even if a few articles are lost it will cost you far less than the alternative will.

You can’t fit your luggage into the washer or drier, so it will have to be vacuumed. Use your vacuum hose attachment to check every crevice and corner of your luggage for these crafty little hiders. They may be in exterior compartments and pockets so make sure that you are thorough. All it takes is a mating pair to reak havoc on your house. Another very important thing to remember when using this preventative option is to never bring your vacuum into the house before changing the bag or emptying the canister. Bed bugs can escape from these and enter your home anyway, and then all of your hard efforts will have been for naught.

These easy, cost-effective methods will certainly save you a lot of money and trouble in the long run. Having a bed bug infestation doesn’t require poor housekeeping skills. So if you are returning from a suspicious location you absolutely cannot rely on your normal cleaning routines to prevent one. Using prudent bed bug control will eliminate the possibility of having bed bugs take over your home.

Valuable Bed Bug Covers

Bed bug covers can protect you from being bit if you are able to trap the bugs inside the covers. Bed bugs like to find warm-blooded hosts to feed on. They can survive for a few months without eating so if you move into a new home or apartment and there was a problem with these pests before then they are probably going to be a problem for you. Calling an exterminator is the best way to ensure that you can get the infestation out of your home.

Bed bugs have not been known to carry any diseases that can seriously harm humans. When you are bitten by a bed bug, you may mistake them for fleabites. They bite in clusters perhaps searching for a better spot to suck your blood. One insect is known to carry more than forty pathogens, but scientists have found that they do not transmit diseases from one host to another. Fleas are more likely to cause humans health concerns than bed bugs.

Because these bugs can hide in so many different places, it is better to call a professional exterminator to locate them throughout your home. If you live in an apartment is may be advisable to have the adjoining apartments checked as well since bed bugs can easily disperse through openings between the two units, usually electrical outlets.

A few things you can do to before the exterminator comes, is to put infested garments or bedding through the washing machine. They have to be washed in a temperature no less than 120 degrees. Unless you throw out the infected garments, this is the only way of killing the bugs since you cannot treat them with insecticides. Once they are done washing, dry them at the highest temperature for no less than 20 minutes.

Items that cannot be laundered will need to be put in plastic bags and left in the sun for 24 hours or more. If the weather does not permit that, then you can freeze the items. However, it takes days to kill the bugs when trying to freeze them. All the furniture will need to be thoroughly vacuumed. The contents of the vacuum cleaner bag must be sealed in plastic and put in the garbage.

You can buy protective covers almost anywhere. Your exterminator may have some to sell. Just remember, they only work if you can capture the bugs in the mattress and seal them in until they die from not being able to eat.

Bed bug covers will assist in keeping any bugs already in the mattress from biting you. However, if they are not inside the mattress they can still jump on the bed to feed on you. The chances that you will get a disease from them are not very high.

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Heat is a Cheap Bed Bug Killer

Bed bugs are notoriously hard to get rid of. Once they move in it can be a nightmare trying to get them back out. These parasitic insects are phenomenal hiders. Finding an effective bed bug killer however, is not a difficult as most available information would lead you to believe.

Man has dealt with bed bugs since the beginning of his time. It is suspected that this is why it was a common practice to keep a boiling pot of water in the home. This allowed families to routinely dunk clothing and bed coverings into the hot water to help eradicate bed bugs.

Bed bug infestations are becoming a common problem and more and more households are on the hunt for ways to eliminate their bed bug problems without the use of harsh pesticides and certainly without having to spend a ton of money. By resorting to methods that were formerly successful people can avoid chemical sprays within the home. They can also save quite a few dollars.

One free and very easy method to use is heat. At very high temperatures these bugs simply cannot survive. The key aspect of this method of treatment is using the right amount of heat without damaging your belongings.

Submerging clothes into a boiling pot of water is likely to make fabrics bleed and fade. It can also create staining of garments and surfaces, and may not be as effective a method when used in the typical modern, cluttered life. Besides, you really can’t dip your luggage into a huge pot of water very easily.

The application of heat is best done only at a certain interval, especially if you are hoping to use this as your sole method of bed bug treatment. By the time that you have a full blown infestation one of the most time saving things to do is to go ahead and enlist a professional are try a more offensive measure. Heat is best used when you know that you and your belongings have been exposed to bed bugs and you have not yet returned to your host. It can help you avoid bringing a bed bug problem into your own residence.

More often than not people come in contact with bed bugs at hostels, hotels, motels and the residences of friends. If you have returned from a suspicious overnight location the best thing to do when you return home is to leave all of your belongings in the car. Keep the windows rolled up and park the car directly in the sun. This method only really works on hot sunny days. The greenhouse effect will heat up the interior of the car quite rapidly. Leaving your items here for several hours will ensure that every bed bug is dead. If it is too cold outside for this, place your items into a high heat dryer and leave them there until they are painfully hot to your skin.

Heat has been and continues to be an efficient bed bug killer. Employing this method before these hitchhikers set up camp in your home is the best way to increase ineffectiveness. Once bed bugs have begun breeding and feeding inside your home it can be best to consult a professional.

A bed bug killer that doesn’t give you exposure to harmful chemicals and doesn’t drain your pocketbook is quick and easy to locate online. Bed bugs treatment can be accomplished if you are willing to work at it.

Effective Bed Bug Eradication

Nobody relishes the idea of an insect infestation. They can live inside a mattress or other furniture that is in a house and they feed off of any warm body that they can get close to. It is important to find an effective bed bug spray at the first sign of the problem.

The flat shaped blood feeders have historically been found in regions with poor sanitation. Nowadays the insects are still present in furnishings from places that are not hygienic. Once the parasites are present, they can be very difficult to get rid of.

Mattresses are the housing of choice for most of these horrible parasites. They bury themselves deep into the material and come out to feed during the nighttime. A person will generally wake up covered in small red bumps from the bug bites.

There are many things that can be done to prevent the problem. One of the best measures is not buying any used furniture. The purchase of second hand items increases the likelihood of developing a bug problem. If there is a necessity to obtain a previously owned item then be sure to check it for insect residue.

Getting rid of the problem

There are many effective treatments for getting rid of bed bugs. Once the insects are gone, it is crucial that everything be kept completely clean to reduce the risk of the crisis coming back. Sprays are the most common form of elimination and work nicely providing that the proper steps are followed.

The first thing that needs to be done is removing the mattresses from the house. Place them out in the sunlight and spray every region thoroughly. This should help kill the pests that are inside the frame and springs.

Remove all clothing that is in the room then mist the spray into drawers and closets. It is vital to wash all the clothes in the hottest of water. This is the only way to kill any insects that may be hiding in them. The only way to eradicate bacteria that is harbored in the material is by using heat.

After many hours have passed the mattress can be brought back in. Be certain to vacuum the top thoroughly and use fabric refresher to rid the bed of any odors that were left behind. Following the steps precisely will ensure that the insects are eradicated.

Bed bug spray is the best way of eliminating the nasty parasites. Keep the region clean and follow up with more spray should the problem rear its ugly head again. Over time the creatures should be gone and things can go back to normal.

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