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Bed Bug Pictures

Lately, bed bugs have been given a lot of publicity, and are a hot topic of conversation in many cities. New York, as well as other cities, has recently experienced an epidemic of the pesky creatures. News channels have done reports on bed bug infested motels. A internet search for bed bug pictures will produce hundreds of results, images of bed bugs themselves and of the bites you get from them.

All of this attention to bed bugs has created a lot of fear, and it is not necessarily unfounded. Bed bugs are a huge hassle, and ridding yourself of them can cost you money and property. Therefore, all possible precautions should be used to avoid catching them.

Also, they can be just plain embarrassing. There is a stigma associated with bed bugs, and people fear that if they have them, their house or apartment will be perceived as dirty. The fact is, there are tons of ways to catch bed bugs, and they don’t have anything to do with dirt. Here are some of the ways you can contract them:

Picking up furniture from the curb

I know, it is extremely tempting to snatch up a queen size mattress or a beautiful old upholstered chair. But consider the fact that it was put out on the curb for a reason, and that reason could possibly be that it is infested with bed bugs.

Sleeping in unfamiliar places

People always talk about “fleabag motels, ” but they could easily call them “bed bug motels.” Do your best to avoid staying somewhere so low budget that the curtains are dingy and the sheets are stained. Sometimes you might not have a choice, if times are hard or you are far from home and need a place immediately. If that is the case, do a thorough check for any evidence of bed bugs, including tiny blood spots or the bugs themselves. They come out around two or three in the morning, and you can see the bigger ones.

Previously owned clothes

Most thrift stores do wash donated clothes before putting them on a rack for sale, but there is no way to be sure. Also, just washing clothes may not kill bed bugs. What will kill them is heat. Run any second hand clothes through the highest temperature cycle on your dryer for at least forty minutes.

Bed bugs in the building

This is one way that many apartment dwellers contract the bugs. Even if you yourself have taken precautions and have not brought them in from anywhere else, it is possible that your building could be infested. Through no fault of your own, the bugs could find their way to your apartment through the walls.

If you suspect that you are being bitten by bed bugs, look for bed bug pictures. Compare your bites to the ones in the images. Also, try to wait up at night and see if you spot any of the critters. If you catch the problem early, you can minimize your costs and losses. Finding out if you have them is the first step.

Use bed bug pictures to find out more about what bed bug treatment choices you have and to eliminate them for good.

Bed Bugs Have Returned with A Vengeance

Most people who live in developed countries have often heard of bedbugs in songs and fables as they were growing up but never knew that they existed. Unfortunately, they did exist and the return of the pesky bedbugs has become a reality in homes and hotels of Europe and North America, thanks to travelers whose destinations brought them to underdeveloped countries around the world.

Unsuspecting travelers have brought them back in suitcases and the like. So, they end up in our homes and hotels around the globe. This causes a domino effect, as the next hotel visitor is capable of unknowingly returning with them to their home. And it goes on and on.

They have always been a problem no matter where they were because they are difficult paths to get rid of. However, it is quite possible to do so with safe products that aren’t harmful. But, before you go out trying to treat an infestation, you have to know what actual problem you have. To begin with, these pests looks somewhat like roaches, only smaller. But they are reddish brown, flat and oval.

Usually, individuals know there is a problem because they have a reaction that causes them to itch after they have been bitten, because they were injected with a chemical while the parasite sucking on the blood of the host.

Although the thought of it is disgusting, it is not dangerous. More than anything, it is annoying because of the itching that will soon follow in most cases. The rash that can develop can often resemble a zipper. In other words, there are several little bites all in a row, which could be swerving or straight.

They are nocturnal, therefore they are most active at night. So, they want to be as close to the host as they possibly can. However, they could just as easily spread themselves out around the home into other rooms. But, they usually don’t go too far away from the bed, the mattress, and the surrounding furniture. Unfortunately, they are so small that they can hide in cracks in the floors and in the baseboards as well

And that’s why exterminate them them can be a little more difficult. They can also live for up to a year without even feeding! So, that means you will have to be persistent in order to resolve your problems. Besides the bites, another indication of infestation are spots of blood on your bed sheets and pillowcases. Treatment to rid yourselves of bedbugs include special mattress covers and powders that are non-toxic.

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Kill Bed Bugs Completely

Getting a good nights sleep is always something that everybody wants. It is usually pretty easy for most people, but for some there are factors that cause them to sleep uncomfortably. One of these factors is bed bugs. Knowing how to kill bed bugs is a very important thing for these people.

First we must understand what the bed bug is. A bed bug is a microscopic critter that kind of resembles a flea. These bugs often burrow in mattresses and sheets and come out during the night to feed on human blood. They need to be quashed quickly because they can multiply very fast.

Knowing if you actually have bed bugs is critical before you start to try and kill them. Small red bumps are likely to be on your skin and they will most likely be irritated and itch. You will not be able to feel these bites occurring because the pain is very little and it will happen while you sleep. Having more than one of these irritated spots is a good indicator of having bed bugs.

Solutions to killing these pesky creatures are almost limitless. One solution is very simple. Just clean your sheets and your mattress with a strong detergent. Sometimes this works, but if the colony is too large, it will not kill all of the bugs.

High odor sprays being used on the sheets and mattress has worked for some people. Everyone has a different rate of success by using this method. Perfumes, deodorants, and other strongly scented sprays have all worked. This solution is not a sure fire one, however.

There are also many pesticides that are being made solely for this problem. These can be bought in a normal neighborhood drug store and are often quite cheap. There are some side effects to these, however. These are chemicals and can create irritation, mild discomfort, and even allergic reactions. This is not the safest option.

Calling an exterminator is your last resort. Before you even consider this, make sure that you have exhausted all of your other options. Exterminators can be expensive, and if they have to fumigate your home you will have to find a different place to live for several days.

Bud bugs can cause a tricky situation. They are very pesky and do not go away easily. Knowing how to kill bed bugs from your mattress and sheets is the first step to enjoying an uninterrupted full night of sleep.

An infestation of these microscopic creatures can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and dangerous. To stop bed bug bites, you must learn how to kill bed bugs effectively.

Finding an Effective Bed Bug Treatment

Bedbugs are tiny parasites that can find a way into your home by jumping aboard your luggage during travels. If you have had a stay over at a residence or inn that resulted in red, itchy bite marks on your skin, you have likely been exposed. Most online information sounds pretty dire, but a very successful bed bugs treatment can be had relatively easily in the form of prevention. Several small steps can save you both money and time.

Bed bugs have been a part of the human existence for quite some time. Many believe this is why households commonly kept a boiling vat of water on. Sufficient amounts of heat can be incredibly efficient in doing away with bed bugs. Bedding and clothing could be easily submerged on a routine basis to avoid reinfestation. Because these parasite are just as happy to feed off of animals as well, including domesticated animals, treating these areas would have been necessary as well.

Heat is one of the more effective ways to kill these parasites without seeking professional treatment. The difficulty in using heat is doing so without damaging your items. Also there are hiding places in which bed bugs may be present that you are unable to permeate with the needed amount of heat.

Modern clothes are not always colorfast, especially when submerged in boiling water. Opting to use this treatment will cause your clothes to fade, bleed and possibly stain other items. If bed bugs are present in your house, this method of treatment will not fully address their presence. This means that your clothes will be ruined and bedbugs may still be hiding in your bed frame.

A truly effective method of prevention is to lock all of your luggage and other travel items into the car with the windows rolled up. The car should be sitting in direct sunlight. This will create the greenhouse effect and bring the temperature of the car high enough to kill any hitchhiking bed bugs. Leaving your items in the car for several hours will likely do the trick.

This method however, is only successful when treating items that have from a hotel or someone else house. If you simply suspect that you have been exposed to an infestation, then this is a good way to protect yourself against having the infestation spread to your home. This should be done before bringing luggage and other treatable items into the house.

Once bed bugs have entered home however, it is always most effective to enlist personal assistance. While human successfully dealt with bed bugs long before exterminators were a popular option, or lives and possessions are far more complex. Eliminating all potential breeders from lives that are often cluttered can be a painstaking process.

If you have noticed suspicious bites on your body while away on travels, taking preventative measures upon your return home will help limit the likelihood of bringing bed bugs home. If you miss the mark on that however, and only notice the problem once the parasites are successfully in, enlisting professional assistance immediately can help clear your house and eliminate the possibility of your spreading them to the houses of families and friends.

Cost Effective Bed Bug Spray

Bed bugs are often the bane of dirty, cluttered households. This however, isn’t the whole of the truth. Bed bugs jump from household to household by hitching rides in linens, clothing, luggage and furniture. Using bed bug spray as a preventative measure can help prevent getting an infestation in your home.

Used furniture is rarely considered as a cause for infestations. Unfortunately it commonly is. If the prior owner of a purchased item had a bed bug problem, you will too. This means that every time you bring a second hand item into your home without caution you face the risk of bringing home bed bugs. Recently, this has problem has grown in magnitude, making it necessary for bargain hunter to think twice about what they buy, and to use preventative measure on what they do bring in their homes.

Thrift store shopping is more than simply getting a good bargain on special items. For many people it is a fun, leisurely way to spend weekend afternoons. Finding a great deal brings a huge sense of accomplishment. For veteran second-hand shoppers, a successful hunt is more about the process than the actual find itself.

While shopping garages sales and thrift store more people than not fail to be cautious about exactly what it is they are purchasing. In more cases than most know, bargain shoppers get far more than they pay for. Used furniture is a great hiding place for bed bugs. Their tiny, flat bodies can remain well hidden even if a purchase is carefully inspected.

Once the bugs are in the house it can mean weeks on end of red, itchy bites for you and your family. It can mean expensive fees for exterminating your home as well as having to get rid of several items of well-loved furniture. By taking cost-effective preventative steps before bringing used furniture into the home, you can still enjoy your favorite past-time of bargain hunting, without risking a home filled with blood sucking bugs.

Bed bug spray is offered by numerous companies that can be researched online. Often these sprays are designed to treat infestations in your home. The are however, just as effective in treating infested furniture,

Instead of bringing your purchase directly into the house, leave it on the lawn for a quick treatment. For all non-porous purchases you can use bed bug spray to treat the exterior and interior, making certain to pay special attention to crevices, cracks and drawer areas. These are common hiding places for these tiny hitchhikers. Used mattresses, sofas and the like are probably better left at the store or garage sale. They are hard to effectively treat, and can cost you more in the long run with an infestation, than the additional cost of buying these items new.

These insects were a terrible problem up until DDT hit the market and was commonly used. There have been recent regulations on the use of pesticides that have made for an astounding increase in the number of reported bed bug infestations. Many of these were caused by the purchase of second-hand furniture. By taking preventative measures with each of your second hand purchases you can avoid bringing these parasites into your residence. Bed bug spray can allow for continued, yet safe, bargain shopping.

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Treat Bed Bugs with Bed Bug Spray

One very effective way to treat a bed bug infestation is with bed bug spray. Many times the results that can be achieved with this method are downplayed. More often than not however, an ineffective response is due not to the method itself, but inefficiencies in how the method is employed. There are several necessary steps that should be taken before treatment in order to make it effective.

The first thing that you should know about bed bugs is that they are awesome hiders. The have small, flat bodies that can angle into just about any crevice or fold, making them invisible to the untrained eye. An additional advantage that they have over humans is that they only come out at night. Generally the wee hours of the morning, between 1 and 3 am are when they are out and about, and this is typically the best time to see where they are hiding.

The do leave signs of their presence however, that can make an infestation a bit easier to diagnose, and the problem a bit more visible for locating. They are in fact, pretty predictable. The essence of their life is breeding and feeding and this is usually done where you sleep because you are their prime food source when they live in your home. The first places to check is where anyone sleeps, including the furniture and areas by and behind the sleeping areas.

Once you have checked your bed and the sleeping areas of other sleeping areas in your home you must give consideration to your pets. Bed bugs are just as happy to feed on cats, dogs, birds and other household pets so checking these sleeping areas is a prime way not to miss any of your targets. Make certain to check the areas that are surrounding your pet’s sleeping area as well.

Bed bugs leave nasty trails of feces where ever they are present. These look like little black and brown clusters of dots. They excrete where they eat and these are usually spotted on mattress covers, sheets and the mattress itself.

To ensure the best treatment you need to declutter your home. Never before was there a better time to start throwing away all of the things that take up space but are never used and will never be. It is a lot harder to get rid of bed bugs when you leave tons of places for them to hid. The less clutter, the less likely hiding places there will be. You can also treat your laundry in a high temperature drier. Once they have been dried until they are painful to touch you can be fairly certain that the bed bugs are dead.

You should not begin a bed bug spray treatment without first clearing away clutter. Every unnecessary item that is left in a pile of clutter represents a new possible hiding place for bed bugs. This makes spraying less effective. Use the spray according to the expressed manufacturer instructions as they do have variations from brand to brand. Taking extra measures before spraying is guaranteed to give you better results as you work to eliminate this problem.

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