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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Before feeling frazzled on how to get rid of bed bugs frazzled, know what bed bugs are. Being educated will help to stop the bugs from infesting your dwelling. Most have not heard about them, so do not feel funny if you have not either. Knowing how they look, infest a dwelling, and how to teat them, will help you get them out. Positive action is what matters.

The bugs are a little smaller than the smallest cockroach. If you sweep, or vacuum in their area, you can find where they have been. The do not come out though in the day, and are nighttime creatures that love to drink human blood through biting. Also, they have been known to bite any animal living with you. There are many different places they hide, but they prefer a mattress or pillows.

The evidence that you will see of them are from the bites too. Most individuals do not have bad reactions to being bitten. If allergic to them, know that you will need to find the pesky animal fast. The problem with them is that the bites are not painful, it only after a little time has elapsed, that you will feel the bit. The skin can have pimple like eruptions, or red welts, with the need to scratch. Also, pets can feel the sting of the bite, if allergic, like you can.

If allergic, it is really important to get rid of the nighttime bug. Some individuals have been known to go into anaphylactic shock. It does take quite a few bites usually, but the bugs breed ferociously, so get rid of them as fast as possible.

If is critical to banish the bugs if there is a severe reaction because some people can go into shock from being bitten b the bug. It usually takes a lot more bites than just one, but the bed bug does breed intensely. It is critical under these circumstance to control them.

Most of the time, in a severe infestation, an exterminator should be called. A stop gap for small infestations, like in your bed only, you can use double sided sticky tape around your bed frame, and a over the counter spray killer for the couch and bed. Another way is to suffocate them with a plastic couch cover, or a plastic bed cover, for the mattress and pillows. Remember though, the bugs can live for months without feeding.

These bugs are not hard to get rid of them once you use these methods, or for bad cases an exterminator. Due diligence, and a little money in supplies, may just help you to rid them in your living area. These types of bugs are nothing to be ashamed of, it is just another creature in your world that needs to be stopped from biting you, the people you love, and those adorable pets.

Understanding how to get rid of bed bugs without destroying the bedding is easy and quick when you know where to look. Finding how bed bugs can be destroyed can make your night life so much more comfortable and restful.

Advantages of Bed Bug Covers

Often bed bugs are a rather irritating and stressful problem for several individuals. While it is true they are generally not a simple insect to get out of your home, there do exist a few options. The one rather advantageous method is to use a bed bug cover.

These insects are essentially small parasites that live off blood. Despite their name, they can live on or in other furniture, but primarily beds are where they are most often found. It is not necessary that you get rid of your mattress after you learn of these insect’s presence. Simply buy a cover that will seal the bed, instead.

This kind of cover works excellently well in exterminating these pests from your bed. Basically this cover seals your begging. This allows for the bugs in your mattress to be completely trapped. The principle is very basic, for in enclosing your bed, and the bugs along with it, you are making it impossible for them to reach any source of food, thus starving them to death.

You bed is going to have to stay sealed for quite a while, since this type of bug is able to live without food a long time. Typically it will take about six to seven months for the bugs to completely die. But, know that this noted time could be longer and take up to eighteen months, for it just depends on the seriousness of the bed bug problem that exists in your house.

Most of the bug covers on the market are pretty similar in how they are made. Basically the one point which varies falls to what kind of material the cover is made of. The two possibilities are vinyl and cloth. There are benefits and drawbacks to each.

Ensuring that you avoid ripping the cover is important, for any hole defeats the point of the cover and the insects can get free. The fabric’s material is comfortable, but is easier to rip than vinyl. Generally it is more pricey, too, and can stain. But, if being comfortable is what you want then fabric covers will work too, just be careful not to tear it on accident.

There are many benefits to vinyl, such as it is hard to tear, a lot less expensive, and much more easy to clean. Staining is a big problem sometimes, for the bugs under the covers can bust and the blood stored in their bodies can leak onto the fabric. In using vinyl, this is not an issue since the material is not absorbent.

Bed bugs can be a frustrating problem for most people. Despite their problematic nature, there are ways of dealing with an infestation. In buying a bed bug cover you have a better chance to thoroughly eliminate these pests from your home.

Locate the bed bug cover that will end your problems by going online. There are several choices of bed bug killer that you can find. Go online today and find out more.

About Bed Bugs

Unfortunately, Bed Bug Bites are steadily increasing. Before World War II bed bugs were a common problem. Using strong pesticides nearly controlled these pesky insects in the United States. But many of those pesticides were also too strong for humans and are no longer used. So bed bug problems are surfacing again. Found in unsanitary as well as clean places, it is difficult to get rid of these bugs. You really do not ever want to get them. Learning all about them and how they bite is what you need to do.

The ruthless little brown bugs bite you and suck your blood while you are asleep at night. They munch right over any uncovered skin. So you will find the rows of bites they commonly make on your face, hands, arms, and neck. Doctors actually refer to these rows as the breakfast, lunch, and dinner pattern. The tiny bugs like to feed sequentially, and their feeding pattern makes rows.

You may confuse their bites with mosquito or flea bites. They do itch, and your skin will become red and swollen. If you scratch them too much, they may become infected. The bites do not hurt when they happen. But, the severe itching and swollen red spots let you know they have found you.

The insects are very tiny, shaped like ovals, and look reddish brown much like small cockroaches. They do have wings, but actually are not able to fly at all. Once they have fed on you, they may look very red in color.

These nasty bugs can live in many areas in your home. It is common to find them in wooden furniture, or even cracks in walls. But they tend to cluster near mattresses, box springs, bed frames, dressers, wicker furniture, and upholstery. The areas they like to live in can be either very crowded and unclean, or very clean. They can live for months without feeding, so vacant homes and hotel rooms are likely places to find them.

If you find their small bumps on your skin, you will want to find their infestations and clean them out. Look for dark spots on sheets, bedding, behind pictures on your walls, or in the corners of your furniture. The dark spots are stains caused by their fecal matter, and sometimes you can also find some old skins. Once you know where they are you can call a professional to get rid of them.

Unfortunately, there is no treatment for the bites. You can help reduce the itching and swelling by using steroid creams or oral antihistamines. The main reason to treat a series of bites is if they become infected. Then antibiotic treatment will be necessary to get rid of a secondary bacterial infection. So the main goal is to not scratch the bites. Learning to check for infestations is the best way to avoid Bed Bug Bites in any environment.

It’s a rock solid fact that bed bug bites are steadily increasing. You thus need a reliable treatment option to get rid of the problem permanently. More information now in our comprehensive bed bug overview including Bed Bug Bites Pictures .

Controlling Bed Bug Infestation

If you think that bed bugs are not a problem or a health risk, you are seriously mistaken. While these small insects have always been a problem, recently information about bed bugs has come to light suggesting that they are more of a problem than ever before. Here is the information you need to recognize them and some tips on why you need to get rid of them and the health problems they can cause.

The problem with these insects is that they are very similar in many ways to other bugs like mosquitoes, black flies and fleas. Unlike fleas, they prefer to feed off of the blood of humans although they have been known to survive by eating the blood of animals as well. When they feed, it is not simply a matter of biting and drinking the blood. When these insects feed, part of the process involves injecting their victim with various chemicals such as anticoagulants (to keep the blood flowing) and anesthetics (so that the victim does not feel the bite and the bug can feed in peace). It is these substances that can cause problems over and above the blood loss itself.

These pests love to live in homes and tend to concentrate in our beds and any other furnishings where people sleep and spend time. This can include couches, soft chairs and love seats. During the day, they tend to hide out of sight but may still be fairly active. At night, when people and animals are sleeping, the insects emerge from their nests and begin to feed.

When someone is bitten by one of these insects, they end up with bites that are much like those of a mosquito. There may be a bump which is raised from the surrounding skin. A flat welt may also form. The main difference between these bites and those of other insects is that they are far itchier than other bites may be and this itching can continue for some time after the actual bite has healed.

Two of the most severe problems that can come from bites include anaphylactic reactions to the bites themselves and secondary infections caused by scratching the bites themselves. Severe scratching can break the skin and this can allow secondary infections to occur. In some cases, if a person is being bitten by a large number of insects, they can develop anemia from blood loss. There are medications that can help control the itching and inflammation. These can include corticosteroid creams.

You may be surprised to find out that these insects are becoming a lot more common. They are often carried from infected hotel or motel rooms to homes by the transportation of infected clothing. As well, the fact that more people are beginning to live in condominiums and apartments is making it easier for these insects to spread and flourish.

If you are worried about whether you have these insects in your home, look for signs of blood on your sheets. Feeding bugs will also leave feces behind in the sheets and there may sometimes be shed skin or the body of a bug which has been crushed while feeding. If you do have them in your home, you can steam clean your beds and soft furniture or spread diatomaceous earth because both of these are safe and effective. Larger infestations may require the services of a pest control expert as well.