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How To Recognize The Presence Of Bedbugs

The Cimicidae family is where the insects known as bedbugs come from. These insects feed on warm blooded creatures such as humans and animals. Usually found in areas where their hosts sleep, they do not like daylight hours and normally come out at night. Their presence is usually discovered when their hosts develop red itchy patches on their skin.

The cimicidae family is thought to be made up of around one hundred species. The most common species being the one that feeds off human blood. Other species prefer tropical regions and others like to make bats or poultry their food of choice.

The color of the insects vary from when it is first hatched as a translucent light color, as they age, they become a darker brown color. A fully grown adult grows to about 5mm long and up to 3mm in width. The appearance of an adult is usually a reddish brown color, flat and wingless.

They feed by sucking the blood of their prey, they pierce the skin with their two feeding tubes. One of the tubes sucks the blood from its host, while the other it injects an anti blood clotting agent and anesthetic through its saliva. The insect usually feeds of its host for about five minutes before it goes back to its hiding place. It is normal for the insects to feed once or twice a week but they can go for many months without feeding.

It takes the body many hours to react to the chemicals that have been injected into it, so it is therefore a while after being bitten that the human usually sees the evidence which usually appears as a red and itchy rash. The host can become very ill as a result of the bite, however this is usually in rare cases.

Products to help deal with the itchy rash are available on the market, these have ingredients which calm the itch and reduce the urge to scratch. The products are available in creams, lotions and sprays. Medications to be taken orally are also available for people who suffer from the chemicals causing a bad reaction.

If you notice marks on your bed sheets that look like feces or blood spots, these could be marks left by these pests. You may have to call in the exterminators if you discover an infestation. To help prevent these insects from invading your home, you should clean and vacuum daily, and as part of your cleaning routine you should include a thorough vacuuming of the mattress. Homes with pets also need to treat these pets as the insects could be feasting off the animals.

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Plans To Prevent Bed Bug Attacks

When we were all little we heard about bed bugs but many of us just laughed them off as one of those tales. Now we are older and we know that they really exist. In fact, many of us have had to suffer through their attacks! Now, tired of being their meal, we ask ourselves: how do we stop bed bug bites?

There’s a lot of bad information circulating in the air and some of it sounds so plausible it just might be true but one thing is for sure: bed bugs do not eat dead skin that we shed while we’re asleep. Something does, but it’s not these little creatures. Instead, these bugs are a blood ingesting insect that leaves little, red, and itchy bumps on our skin. They’re just as bad as the common mosquito, but because they’re smaller they leave smaller marks.

When it all boils down bed bugs are pests and no one wants pests in their house. So how do we get rid of them? The most common method is to kill them via pesticides. The only thing with pesticides and bed bugs is that they have built up their own special immunities to a lot of the poisons we have available to us. Because of that we have to find and purchase pesticides that are made specifically with these particular insects in mind. In doing so we also have to keep in mind that these critters enjoy commonly used areas. That being the case we have to ensure that the sprays and powders we get are safe for pets.

Did you know that heating your house can also kill bed bugs and other kinds of pests? You would have to do it on a day where you don’t have to be in your house because you’d have to get the temperature up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to kill these bugs in all forms. Keeping your house this hot for the recommended twenty minutes can be difficult and expensive, but at least you’ll get them all in one fell swoop.

If you can’t do the heating trick for whatever reason you can also use a hand held steamer or your dryer to kill any of these bugs that you suspect. This will take more time than the before mentioned method but may be easier on you.

There is another method called the Barrier method. In this method you secure furniture items with double sided duct tape and petroleum jelly. As these critters can’t cross either of these protective seals you’ll somewhat keep them from your furniture. That isn’t to say they won’t find other ways but a deterrent is a deterrent.

When you have to stop bed bug bites you know where your priorities are. You may end up just calling an exterminator but ultimately there are ways to handle it yourself. With a little hard work you could be bite free!

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Feast Of You: How To Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are highly mobile parasitic insects that have enjoyed an upsurge in population from more than just survival to thriving. Bed bugs have gained an increase in population along with the increase in international travel and trade of its hosts, primarily, humans. How to kill bed bugs would start with questions about where they are found. Essentially, bed bugs can survive anywhere.

Bed bugs often hide until evening in bedding. However, bed bugs can inhabit luggage, clothing, and furniture. During 2002 through 2006, a survey of over 700 hotels found a quarter of the hotels had a bed bug infestation.

For beds, bed bug tested box spring and mattress encasements, and silk comforter, have been suggested methods of bed bug extermination. Encasements should be rip resistant and escape proof. In order to be effective, encasements must remain on and intact for over a year to starve trapped bed bugs. The National Pest Management organization advises that bed bugs can live over a year without feeding. Bed bugs commonly escape if there is a zipper area. Pesticides-impregnated mattress encasements are not typically used by professionals.

To avoid relocating bed bugs from travel to home, keep luggage away from beds or furniture. Use luggage racks, and encase bedding. Incubate both luggage and contents when returning from travel. Treat with bed bug methods. Vacuum inside and outside your luggage. Include seams in the vacuum process. Apply proper bedbug laundering to travel clothing.

A hot water wash and dry heat are effective in killing bed bugs and eggs in clothes, bedding and rugs. Spray laundry with rubbing alcohol, dry for 30 minutes in a high heat dryer, if unable to wash laundry on daily basis. Dissolvable laundry bags should be used to transport bug infested laundry. For transport of items after laundry, use clean, plastic bags that can be sealed. Do not use insecticides on bedding, clothing or linen.

Methods for bed bug treatment include replacing or disposing of infected furniture. Metal furniture can be used instead of wood furniture, which bed bugs prefer. Regular vacuuming should include disposing of vacuum contents outside so that bedbug nymphs do not escape through vacuum holes. Empty vacuum contents into plastic bag, and seal. A hair dryer, iron heat can be used to spot treat. Ambient heat from 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit can treat isolated furniture and spaces with bed bug infestations.

For lessons on how to kill bed bugs, a Camp Lejeune Marine recommended a multi-phase attack. After spraying your mattress and box springs with bleach, encase in protective bedbug cover. Vacuum your space, steam clean everything. Treat linen and clothes in high dryer. Use insecticide bed bug house bombs. Use two can for each room. After an hour, return to bomb site to combine bleach and ammonia in a pot. Leave the premises for four hours. Sleep tight, because dead bugs do not bite.

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