Heat is a Cheap Bed Bug Killer

Bed bugs are notoriously hard to get rid of. Once they move in it can be a nightmare trying to get them back out. These parasitic insects are phenomenal hiders. Finding an effective bed bug killer however, is not a difficult as most available information would lead you to believe.

Man has dealt with bed bugs since the beginning of his time. It is suspected that this is why it was a common practice to keep a boiling pot of water in the home. This allowed families to routinely dunk clothing and bed coverings into the hot water to help eradicate bed bugs.

Bed bug infestations are becoming a common problem and more and more households are on the hunt for ways to eliminate their bed bug problems without the use of harsh pesticides and certainly without having to spend a ton of money. By resorting to methods that were formerly successful people can avoid chemical sprays within the home. They can also save quite a few dollars.

One free and very easy method to use is heat. At very high temperatures these bugs simply cannot survive. The key aspect of this method of treatment is using the right amount of heat without damaging your belongings.

Submerging clothes into a boiling pot of water is likely to make fabrics bleed and fade. It can also create staining of garments and surfaces, and may not be as effective a method when used in the typical modern, cluttered life. Besides, you really can’t dip your luggage into a huge pot of water very easily.

The application of heat is best done only at a certain interval, especially if you are hoping to use this as your sole method of bed bug treatment. By the time that you have a full blown infestation one of the most time saving things to do is to go ahead and enlist a professional are try a more offensive measure. Heat is best used when you know that you and your belongings have been exposed to bed bugs and you have not yet returned to your host. It can help you avoid bringing a bed bug problem into your own residence.

More often than not people come in contact with bed bugs at hostels, hotels, motels and the residences of friends. If you have returned from a suspicious overnight location the best thing to do when you return home is to leave all of your belongings in the car. Keep the windows rolled up and park the car directly in the sun. This method only really works on hot sunny days. The greenhouse effect will heat up the interior of the car quite rapidly. Leaving your items here for several hours will ensure that every bed bug is dead. If it is too cold outside for this, place your items into a high heat dryer and leave them there until they are painfully hot to your skin.

Heat has been and continues to be an efficient bed bug killer. Employing this method before these hitchhikers set up camp in your home is the best way to increase ineffectiveness. Once bed bugs have begun breeding and feeding inside your home it can be best to consult a professional.

A bed bug killer that doesn’t give you exposure to harmful chemicals and doesn’t drain your pocketbook is quick and easy to locate online. Bed bugs treatment can be accomplished if you are willing to work at it.