Important Info Regarding Bed Bugs

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Important Info Regarding Bed Bugs by Aidyn Huffman Bed bugs are obviously a very unwelcome house guest for anyone unfortunate enough to develop an infestation. For a very long time, these pests have been an problem of public health. If you have developed an infestation, or are merely curious, some basic information may be in order. This insect is a small, oval shaped, elusive parasite that tends to feed on the blood of human beings. This usually evokes a strong reaction to those with the pest in their home. This insect typically infests homes, especially beds or other areas where people tend to sleep. These creatures can thrive in almost any environment, and is best adapted to human environments. The fact that they can easily survive in a wide variety of conditions, and can easily travel within luggage or clothing, making them a pest worldwide. They are often found in hotels or other places that receive numerous guests, and are easily brought home. These creatures are generally, but not always, nocturnal. They will feed on almost any exposed area of skin. Typically, the bite of this bug is painless and usually goes unnoticed until the symptoms of the bite manifest. The wounds will quickly become a raised bump which will become red, itchy, and somewhat swollen. Often, they are mistaken for bites from other insects, typically mosquitoes or fleas. Luckily, these parasites rarely carry any risk of serious disease, which is typically not the case for most other parasitic insects. Although they do not usually pose any serious health issues, there are reports of allergic reactions to the bites. These wounds are very itchy, often leading individuals scratching the wounds. This should be avoided at all costs, as the risk of infection is possible. Eliminating these pests from the home is a potential headache, and is often expensive if you are forced to by new items that these bugs have infested. One common breeding ground are mattresses. If possible, you should purchase a new one if an infestation has taken place. If this isn’t possible, vacuum the mattress and cover it with a sealed, plastic cover. Remember that you should never use pesticides where you sleep. However, sticky traps might be an option. Bed bugs are nasty pests that are never a welcome house guest. They have the potential to easily infest the home, and are usually difficult to eliminate. They do not, however, pose serious health risks that are sometimes present with other insects. If you have an infestation, begin taking steps to remove the problem immediately. Not entirely sure how to Kill Bed Bugs ? We’ve got the ultimate inside skinny now in our complete Dead Bed Bug review.