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Advantages of Bed Bug Covers

Often bed bugs are a rather irritating and stressful problem for several individuals. While it is true they are generally not a simple insect to get out of your home, there do exist a few options. The one rather advantageous method is to use a bed bug cover.

These insects are essentially small parasites that live off blood. Despite their name, they can live on or in other furniture, but primarily beds are where they are most often found. It is not necessary that you get rid of your mattress after you learn of these insect’s presence. Simply buy a cover that will seal the bed, instead.

This kind of cover works excellently well in exterminating these pests from your bed. Basically this cover seals your begging. This allows for the bugs in your mattress to be completely trapped. The principle is very basic, for in enclosing your bed, and the bugs along with it, you are making it impossible for them to reach any source of food, thus starving them to death.

You bed is going to have to stay sealed for quite a while, since this type of bug is able to live without food a long time. Typically it will take about six to seven months for the bugs to completely die. But, know that this noted time could be longer and take up to eighteen months, for it just depends on the seriousness of the bed bug problem that exists in your house.

Most of the bug covers on the market are pretty similar in how they are made. Basically the one point which varies falls to what kind of material the cover is made of. The two possibilities are vinyl and cloth. There are benefits and drawbacks to each.

Ensuring that you avoid ripping the cover is important, for any hole defeats the point of the cover and the insects can get free. The fabric’s material is comfortable, but is easier to rip than vinyl. Generally it is more pricey, too, and can stain. But, if being comfortable is what you want then fabric covers will work too, just be careful not to tear it on accident.

There are many benefits to vinyl, such as it is hard to tear, a lot less expensive, and much more easy to clean. Staining is a big problem sometimes, for the bugs under the covers can bust and the blood stored in their bodies can leak onto the fabric. In using vinyl, this is not an issue since the material is not absorbent.

Bed bugs can be a frustrating problem for most people. Despite their problematic nature, there are ways of dealing with an infestation. In buying a bed bug cover you have a better chance to thoroughly eliminate these pests from your home.

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Buying Guide for Bed Bug Cover

Increasingly, more individuals are finding bed bugs a problem within the hotels and apartments. They are a type of bug that have the potential to cause many problems for those who are exposed. This especially applies to those who are allergic to them. If you are someone who wants to prevent a bed bug infestation in your hotel or apartment complex or find that you are currently dealing with a problem associated with them, then consider the use of bed bug covers.

As the times have changed, so has the number of problems people have had with bed bugs. As time progressed throughout the years, bed bugs evolved to bugs that nested rather than what they were original too. As they started to become more of a problem among humans, it was noticed how hard they were to rid of due to the way that some pesticides did not work on them in addition to their small size. Most of them exhibit characteristics that are related to a flat shaped body as well as a size that is no more than 1/4 in size.

Later, after feeding they exhibit more of a deep brown or burnt tan color. This sometimes relates to the blood they have consumed from their host. Most of the time they prefer dark areas, such as cracks and crevices when they are disturbed.

Usually when bed bugs bite, this is experienced as painless for the person that they are feeding from, since they are sleeping. However, they do put a small amount of their saliva into the person that they are feeding from, therefore resulting in an allergic reaction for some. Luckily, although they are a nuisance, they are not known to transmit any diseases. Even so, anyone who receives bites should take care when trying to itch the affected area, which in most cases looks similar to a mosquito bite.

Bringing one into the home by mistake can lead to a large infestation, due to the pace they grow. Usually one will lay five eggs in a day and can equate to numerous numbers. Interestingly, one of the small bed bugs has the ability to drink three times its weight in blood. As far as the length of time they live, usually this tends to be one year.

Currently, bed bug covers offer a current a future solution for all. They are a good solution when it comes to making it harder for bed bugs to feed. In addition, they also do well in protecting the mattress from any type of potential infestation in the future.

A variety of choices are available for those who are looking to buy bed bug covers. Quality should be a number one concern when you are trying to make sure that you are not going to have anymore problems. Most of the higher quality types are those which zipper. This makes it so they keep the mattress in better condition over a longer period of time.

The use of bed bug covers that are impermeable offer the best solution for those who have found themselves with a problem related to bed bugs. This is done by preventing them access to the body, therefore not allowing them an easy way to feed. Additionally, this works as a good option in relation to preventing them, since they will not have a place to go in the first place. Additionally, these kinds of covers offer a good way to protect the mattress while extending the amount of life that you have on the mattress.

Bed bug covers offer a good solution in relation to dealing with a current problem or one that you do not want to develop in the near future.