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Bed Bugs Have Returned with A Vengeance

Most people who live in developed countries have often heard of bedbugs in songs and fables as they were growing up but never knew that they existed. Unfortunately, they did exist and the return of the pesky bedbugs has become a reality in homes and hotels of Europe and North America, thanks to travelers whose destinations brought them to underdeveloped countries around the world.

Unsuspecting travelers have brought them back in suitcases and the like. So, they end up in our homes and hotels around the globe. This causes a domino effect, as the next hotel visitor is capable of unknowingly returning with them to their home. And it goes on and on.

They have always been a problem no matter where they were because they are difficult paths to get rid of. However, it is quite possible to do so with safe products that aren’t harmful. But, before you go out trying to treat an infestation, you have to know what actual problem you have. To begin with, these pests looks somewhat like roaches, only smaller. But they are reddish brown, flat and oval.

Usually, individuals know there is a problem because they have a reaction that causes them to itch after they have been bitten, because they were injected with a chemical while the parasite sucking on the blood of the host.

Although the thought of it is disgusting, it is not dangerous. More than anything, it is annoying because of the itching that will soon follow in most cases. The rash that can develop can often resemble a zipper. In other words, there are several little bites all in a row, which could be swerving or straight.

They are nocturnal, therefore they are most active at night. So, they want to be as close to the host as they possibly can. However, they could just as easily spread themselves out around the home into other rooms. But, they usually don’t go too far away from the bed, the mattress, and the surrounding furniture. Unfortunately, they are so small that they can hide in cracks in the floors and in the baseboards as well

And that’s why exterminate them them can be a little more difficult. They can also live for up to a year without even feeding! So, that means you will have to be persistent in order to resolve your problems. Besides the bites, another indication of infestation are spots of blood on your bed sheets and pillowcases. Treatment to rid yourselves of bedbugs include special mattress covers and powders that are non-toxic.

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