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Cost Effective Bed Bug Spray

Bed bugs are often the bane of dirty, cluttered households. This however, isn’t the whole of the truth. Bed bugs jump from household to household by hitching rides in linens, clothing, luggage and furniture. Using bed bug spray as a preventative measure can help prevent getting an infestation in your home.

Used furniture is rarely considered as a cause for infestations. Unfortunately it commonly is. If the prior owner of a purchased item had a bed bug problem, you will too. This means that every time you bring a second hand item into your home without caution you face the risk of bringing home bed bugs. Recently, this has problem has grown in magnitude, making it necessary for bargain hunter to think twice about what they buy, and to use preventative measure on what they do bring in their homes.

Thrift store shopping is more than simply getting a good bargain on special items. For many people it is a fun, leisurely way to spend weekend afternoons. Finding a great deal brings a huge sense of accomplishment. For veteran second-hand shoppers, a successful hunt is more about the process than the actual find itself.

While shopping garages sales and thrift store more people than not fail to be cautious about exactly what it is they are purchasing. In more cases than most know, bargain shoppers get far more than they pay for. Used furniture is a great hiding place for bed bugs. Their tiny, flat bodies can remain well hidden even if a purchase is carefully inspected.

Once the bugs are in the house it can mean weeks on end of red, itchy bites for you and your family. It can mean expensive fees for exterminating your home as well as having to get rid of several items of well-loved furniture. By taking cost-effective preventative steps before bringing used furniture into the home, you can still enjoy your favorite past-time of bargain hunting, without risking a home filled with blood sucking bugs.

Bed bug spray is offered by numerous companies that can be researched online. Often these sprays are designed to treat infestations in your home. The are however, just as effective in treating infested furniture,

Instead of bringing your purchase directly into the house, leave it on the lawn for a quick treatment. For all non-porous purchases you can use bed bug spray to treat the exterior and interior, making certain to pay special attention to crevices, cracks and drawer areas. These are common hiding places for these tiny hitchhikers. Used mattresses, sofas and the like are probably better left at the store or garage sale. They are hard to effectively treat, and can cost you more in the long run with an infestation, than the additional cost of buying these items new.

These insects were a terrible problem up until DDT hit the market and was commonly used. There have been recent regulations on the use of pesticides that have made for an astounding increase in the number of reported bed bug infestations. Many of these were caused by the purchase of second-hand furniture. By taking preventative measures with each of your second hand purchases you can avoid bringing these parasites into your residence. Bed bug spray can allow for continued, yet safe, bargain shopping.

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Treat Bed Bugs with Bed Bug Spray

One very effective way to treat a bed bug infestation is with bed bug spray. Many times the results that can be achieved with this method are downplayed. More often than not however, an ineffective response is due not to the method itself, but inefficiencies in how the method is employed. There are several necessary steps that should be taken before treatment in order to make it effective.

The first thing that you should know about bed bugs is that they are awesome hiders. The have small, flat bodies that can angle into just about any crevice or fold, making them invisible to the untrained eye. An additional advantage that they have over humans is that they only come out at night. Generally the wee hours of the morning, between 1 and 3 am are when they are out and about, and this is typically the best time to see where they are hiding.

The do leave signs of their presence however, that can make an infestation a bit easier to diagnose, and the problem a bit more visible for locating. They are in fact, pretty predictable. The essence of their life is breeding and feeding and this is usually done where you sleep because you are their prime food source when they live in your home. The first places to check is where anyone sleeps, including the furniture and areas by and behind the sleeping areas.

Once you have checked your bed and the sleeping areas of other sleeping areas in your home you must give consideration to your pets. Bed bugs are just as happy to feed on cats, dogs, birds and other household pets so checking these sleeping areas is a prime way not to miss any of your targets. Make certain to check the areas that are surrounding your pet’s sleeping area as well.

Bed bugs leave nasty trails of feces where ever they are present. These look like little black and brown clusters of dots. They excrete where they eat and these are usually spotted on mattress covers, sheets and the mattress itself.

To ensure the best treatment you need to declutter your home. Never before was there a better time to start throwing away all of the things that take up space but are never used and will never be. It is a lot harder to get rid of bed bugs when you leave tons of places for them to hid. The less clutter, the less likely hiding places there will be. You can also treat your laundry in a high temperature drier. Once they have been dried until they are painful to touch you can be fairly certain that the bed bugs are dead.

You should not begin a bed bug spray treatment without first clearing away clutter. Every unnecessary item that is left in a pile of clutter represents a new possible hiding place for bed bugs. This makes spraying less effective. Use the spray according to the expressed manufacturer instructions as they do have variations from brand to brand. Taking extra measures before spraying is guaranteed to give you better results as you work to eliminate this problem.

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Bed Bug Management with Bed Bug Spray

When we were kids a lot of us may have remembered being tucked in with that old saying about not letting the bed bugs bite. As funny as we may have thought it was when we heard it. It really is not all that funny if you discover that you actually might have those pests in your bed. As much of a hassle they may be you can get rid of them if you get the right bed bug spray.

How do you know if they have infested your bed? Well, one of the first signs might be that you wake up in the morning with unexplained bites on your body. This may not be bed bugs but it is better to be safe than sorry. This should make you want check out your bed and everything in your bedroom.

Bed bugs can actually be seen with the naked eye so you should first do a quick visual to see if you see any insect that is about a quarter of an inch in size is flat and brown in color. The best places to look would be in dark places or places that are isolated. If you do not see any bugs with the naked eye you should then look for a fecal matter they leave behind. If you see some sort of brown markings on your sheets almost a rust color, this is a tell tell sign that you have an infestation.

Follow this checklist and it should make it easier to find the bugs if they are hiding. Check the head board of your bed, the foot of the bed, the space in between the bed and head board as well. Check in any rips there might be in the mattress or box spring. Check light switches, cracks in paint, inside framed pictures, take drawers out of dressers and check inside. Small appliances should be checked as well.

It is important that the bed bug spray you purchase is a safe one and specifically made for areas where you will have a lot of contact with. If your bed is in very good it is more than likely you are going to want to treat the bed. If it is old and has several rips or tears in it, it might be a better idea just to buy a new bed. But make sure that everything in the room is treated before bringing the bed in the room.

When you begin to treat your bed, you might want to combine a bed bug dust with a bed bug spray. The dust will cover a larger area and a lot more evenly than the spray. The spray is excellent for crevices and all other places it would be hard to get the dust into.

When spraying make sure to spray all around the bed, behind the bed, under the bed, spray the dressers and all furniture in the room. Do not forget to also spray the entire closet area. Spray framed pictures, the light switches and anything else that could be hiding the bugs. You can then take the dust and spread it evenly and generously on the mattress, make sure mattress is dry before adding it to the bed.

Bed bugs are a pain to deal with and they can make a person uncomfortable with the itching they may cause. It is important to note not to panic if you find you have them, they do not carry any type of disease.

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