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Controlling Bed Bug Infestation

If you think that bed bugs are not a problem or a health risk, you are seriously mistaken. While these small insects have always been a problem, recently information about bed bugs has come to light suggesting that they are more of a problem than ever before. Here is the information you need to recognize them and some tips on why you need to get rid of them and the health problems they can cause.

The problem with these insects is that they are very similar in many ways to other bugs like mosquitoes, black flies and fleas. Unlike fleas, they prefer to feed off of the blood of humans although they have been known to survive by eating the blood of animals as well. When they feed, it is not simply a matter of biting and drinking the blood. When these insects feed, part of the process involves injecting their victim with various chemicals such as anticoagulants (to keep the blood flowing) and anesthetics (so that the victim does not feel the bite and the bug can feed in peace). It is these substances that can cause problems over and above the blood loss itself.

These pests love to live in homes and tend to concentrate in our beds and any other furnishings where people sleep and spend time. This can include couches, soft chairs and love seats. During the day, they tend to hide out of sight but may still be fairly active. At night, when people and animals are sleeping, the insects emerge from their nests and begin to feed.

When someone is bitten by one of these insects, they end up with bites that are much like those of a mosquito. There may be a bump which is raised from the surrounding skin. A flat welt may also form. The main difference between these bites and those of other insects is that they are far itchier than other bites may be and this itching can continue for some time after the actual bite has healed.

Two of the most severe problems that can come from bites include anaphylactic reactions to the bites themselves and secondary infections caused by scratching the bites themselves. Severe scratching can break the skin and this can allow secondary infections to occur. In some cases, if a person is being bitten by a large number of insects, they can develop anemia from blood loss. There are medications that can help control the itching and inflammation. These can include corticosteroid creams.

You may be surprised to find out that these insects are becoming a lot more common. They are often carried from infected hotel or motel rooms to homes by the transportation of infected clothing. As well, the fact that more people are beginning to live in condominiums and apartments is making it easier for these insects to spread and flourish.

If you are worried about whether you have these insects in your home, look for signs of blood on your sheets. Feeding bugs will also leave feces behind in the sheets and there may sometimes be shed skin or the body of a bug which has been crushed while feeding. If you do have them in your home, you can steam clean your beds and soft furniture or spread diatomaceous earth because both of these are safe and effective. Larger infestations may require the services of a pest control expert as well.

Finding an Effective Bed Bug Treatment

Bedbugs are tiny parasites that can find a way into your home by jumping aboard your luggage during travels. If you have had a stay over at a residence or inn that resulted in red, itchy bite marks on your skin, you have likely been exposed. Most online information sounds pretty dire, but a very successful bed bugs treatment can be had relatively easily in the form of prevention. Several small steps can save you both money and time.

Bed bugs have been a part of the human existence for quite some time. Many believe this is why households commonly kept a boiling vat of water on. Sufficient amounts of heat can be incredibly efficient in doing away with bed bugs. Bedding and clothing could be easily submerged on a routine basis to avoid reinfestation. Because these parasite are just as happy to feed off of animals as well, including domesticated animals, treating these areas would have been necessary as well.

Heat is one of the more effective ways to kill these parasites without seeking professional treatment. The difficulty in using heat is doing so without damaging your items. Also there are hiding places in which bed bugs may be present that you are unable to permeate with the needed amount of heat.

Modern clothes are not always colorfast, especially when submerged in boiling water. Opting to use this treatment will cause your clothes to fade, bleed and possibly stain other items. If bed bugs are present in your house, this method of treatment will not fully address their presence. This means that your clothes will be ruined and bedbugs may still be hiding in your bed frame.

A truly effective method of prevention is to lock all of your luggage and other travel items into the car with the windows rolled up. The car should be sitting in direct sunlight. This will create the greenhouse effect and bring the temperature of the car high enough to kill any hitchhiking bed bugs. Leaving your items in the car for several hours will likely do the trick.

This method however, is only successful when treating items that have from a hotel or someone else house. If you simply suspect that you have been exposed to an infestation, then this is a good way to protect yourself against having the infestation spread to your home. This should be done before bringing luggage and other treatable items into the house.

Once bed bugs have entered home however, it is always most effective to enlist personal assistance. While human successfully dealt with bed bugs long before exterminators were a popular option, or lives and possessions are far more complex. Eliminating all potential breeders from lives that are often cluttered can be a painstaking process.

If you have noticed suspicious bites on your body while away on travels, taking preventative measures upon your return home will help limit the likelihood of bringing bed bugs home. If you miss the mark on that however, and only notice the problem once the parasites are successfully in, enlisting professional assistance immediately can help clear your house and eliminate the possibility of your spreading them to the houses of families and friends.