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Cost Effective Bed Bug Spray

Bed bugs are often the bane of dirty, cluttered households. This however, isn’t the whole of the truth. Bed bugs jump from household to household by hitching rides in linens, clothing, luggage and furniture. Using bed bug spray as a preventative measure can help prevent getting an infestation in your home.

Used furniture is rarely considered as a cause for infestations. Unfortunately it commonly is. If the prior owner of a purchased item had a bed bug problem, you will too. This means that every time you bring a second hand item into your home without caution you face the risk of bringing home bed bugs. Recently, this has problem has grown in magnitude, making it necessary for bargain hunter to think twice about what they buy, and to use preventative measure on what they do bring in their homes.

Thrift store shopping is more than simply getting a good bargain on special items. For many people it is a fun, leisurely way to spend weekend afternoons. Finding a great deal brings a huge sense of accomplishment. For veteran second-hand shoppers, a successful hunt is more about the process than the actual find itself.

While shopping garages sales and thrift store more people than not fail to be cautious about exactly what it is they are purchasing. In more cases than most know, bargain shoppers get far more than they pay for. Used furniture is a great hiding place for bed bugs. Their tiny, flat bodies can remain well hidden even if a purchase is carefully inspected.

Once the bugs are in the house it can mean weeks on end of red, itchy bites for you and your family. It can mean expensive fees for exterminating your home as well as having to get rid of several items of well-loved furniture. By taking cost-effective preventative steps before bringing used furniture into the home, you can still enjoy your favorite past-time of bargain hunting, without risking a home filled with blood sucking bugs.

Bed bug spray is offered by numerous companies that can be researched online. Often these sprays are designed to treat infestations in your home. The are however, just as effective in treating infested furniture,

Instead of bringing your purchase directly into the house, leave it on the lawn for a quick treatment. For all non-porous purchases you can use bed bug spray to treat the exterior and interior, making certain to pay special attention to crevices, cracks and drawer areas. These are common hiding places for these tiny hitchhikers. Used mattresses, sofas and the like are probably better left at the store or garage sale. They are hard to effectively treat, and can cost you more in the long run with an infestation, than the additional cost of buying these items new.

These insects were a terrible problem up until DDT hit the market and was commonly used. There have been recent regulations on the use of pesticides that have made for an astounding increase in the number of reported bed bug infestations. Many of these were caused by the purchase of second-hand furniture. By taking preventative measures with each of your second hand purchases you can avoid bringing these parasites into your residence. Bed bug spray can allow for continued, yet safe, bargain shopping.

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Effective Bed Bug Eradication

Nobody relishes the idea of an insect infestation. They can live inside a mattress or other furniture that is in a house and they feed off of any warm body that they can get close to. It is important to find an effective bed bug spray at the first sign of the problem.

The flat shaped blood feeders have historically been found in regions with poor sanitation. Nowadays the insects are still present in furnishings from places that are not hygienic. Once the parasites are present, they can be very difficult to get rid of.

Mattresses are the housing of choice for most of these horrible parasites. They bury themselves deep into the material and come out to feed during the nighttime. A person will generally wake up covered in small red bumps from the bug bites.

There are many things that can be done to prevent the problem. One of the best measures is not buying any used furniture. The purchase of second hand items increases the likelihood of developing a bug problem. If there is a necessity to obtain a previously owned item then be sure to check it for insect residue.

Getting rid of the problem

There are many effective treatments for getting rid of bed bugs. Once the insects are gone, it is crucial that everything be kept completely clean to reduce the risk of the crisis coming back. Sprays are the most common form of elimination and work nicely providing that the proper steps are followed.

The first thing that needs to be done is removing the mattresses from the house. Place them out in the sunlight and spray every region thoroughly. This should help kill the pests that are inside the frame and springs.

Remove all clothing that is in the room then mist the spray into drawers and closets. It is vital to wash all the clothes in the hottest of water. This is the only way to kill any insects that may be hiding in them. The only way to eradicate bacteria that is harbored in the material is by using heat.

After many hours have passed the mattress can be brought back in. Be certain to vacuum the top thoroughly and use fabric refresher to rid the bed of any odors that were left behind. Following the steps precisely will ensure that the insects are eradicated.

Bed bug spray is the best way of eliminating the nasty parasites. Keep the region clean and follow up with more spray should the problem rear its ugly head again. Over time the creatures should be gone and things can go back to normal.

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Bed Bug Cover Affordable Bed Bug Management

Pest infestation of any kind is unwelcome. Taking precautions against them are at times tricky at best, but having a good bed bug cover can be a step in the right direction. While this might not stave off the problem altogether, it may make getting rid of them much easier. These do not cost much, and are simple to put on.

There are many easy things that you can do in order to avoid this unpleasant issue to start with. Simply laundering your bedding on a routine schedule will help more than you know. If it seems like a big chore, then try adding it to your calendar and treat it like an appointment that you do not want to go to, but have to anyway.

As you look for the right cover for you, you may notice that there is a wide variety available. They are easy to find and can be located in most department stores. The most common ones are generally the type that cover the entire mattress and have a zipper to close. These are popular because they provide the most protection. If that seems over the top you can get them to fit over your mattress, the same as a fitted sheet does.

As a matter of household maintenance these should be replaced on an annual basis. Some people may find this to be excessive, however these items can suffer from normal wear just as anything else. Over time they can become less effective, or even rip. With a rip it would hardly be worth having. By replacing them on a regular, yearly schedule you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your defensive efforts.

Depending on what type you purchase, these can also help with allergies. Many people can suffer serious allergies, and you would be amazed at the number of possible allergens that reside in your bedding. It is possible to get covers that protect against these. For allergy sufferers the concept of bed covers is nothing new. Having the dual purpose makes them even more appealing.

Of course there can be many other activities that can keep your home safer from bugs and pests. Vacuuming on a daily basis is a great way to keep your home unappealing to bugs. This way there is less of a chance that they can hide or travel through thick carpet fibers and make homes in your furniture or bedding.

Dusting frequently can also help quite a bit. Mites and other pests can make quite a feast from common household dust. Keeping a clean house does much to help protect yourself. Though you do not need to keep your home to museum standards, having a routine to help you keep up with things can be a big boost.

While there is nothing that can guarantee you a pest free home, there are simple things that can help you along. A good bed bug cover can help to reduce your risk of waking up with irritating and unsightly bites all over. The cover will cost you much less than a new mattress.

Taking precautions against pest infestation specifically bed bugs are always a step in the right direction. Get the exclusive inside skinny on the best Bed Bug Cover available on the market in our Bed Bug Mattress Cover guide.

Keep Bed Bug Outbreaks Quiet

One of the main challenges of hotel bed bug outbreak management is controlling the report details and keeping that information within staff boundaries — without letting it needlessly spread out to visitors and guests.

Luckily, the days of Egyptian Bed Bug Outbreak Management (100% deNIAL) have become more rare. If your company or chain policy is still Egyptian-centric, i.e., housekeepers are terrified to even report bed bug findings, then you are officially living in deNIAL. How’s that working out?

Let’s continue with the understanding that your hotel is grown up and taking a proactive stance to detect, deter and destroy bed bugs. This means that housekeeping and front desk staff are on the case when bed bugs are discovered or a guest report is filed.

Proper management of hotel bed bug outbreak information is critical to help you get rid of bed bugs in the hot zone before they spread. Now of course an loud talking, irate guest at the desk can make this difficult, but proper crisis management techniques can even minimalize this factor. You main goal at all times is calm quiet responce — and fast direct action.

Sometimes it’s hard to get things done quickly and quietly, but in most cases you will need to do exactly this. No matter the source of the report, the plan of action should flow something like thing.

Alert front desk to the zone and extent of the outbreak.

Alert housekeeping supervisor and schedule double close spot checks and bedding flips in the hot zone.

Alert maintenance to to the bed bug infestation and order adjacent room barrier treatments.

Log everything to document what you know and what was done to handle it. Remember, these notes should be stored for later in case litigation is brought against your hotel. Time, date, names, etc are critical to documenting the outbreak response and information management.

So yes the best practice is to keep bed bug outbreaks quiet, but also the folow up action is even more important to maintaining a safe and guest freindly hotel for all to enjoy.

Dwayne Coots

Bed Bug Bureau
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Bed Bug Bureau Invades Canada

You’re invited to come and join the Bed Bug Bureau LIVE in Vancouver, BC on Monday November 23rd and Tuesday November 24th for the British Columbia Hospitality Industry Conference & Exposition!

We’ll be waiting for you in Booth #826 with presentations and free literature about our amazing bed bug treatment solution (you know… the one the exterminators don’t want you to know about!).

We’re so excited to be attending this conference and expect the turnout to be huge. Since it is focused on the hospitality industry we’re sure to see some of our commercial hotel clients. It’s going to be a blast and the weather is really mild so head out to the show. Stop by and say hey so we can put a face to your name.

We’ll also be circulating around the show all day long telling folks about our breakthrough Detect-Deter-Destroy solution for commercial bed bug management. If you have never seen one of our videos you’re in for a treat! We will have the big screen going the whole time so you can see first hand how easy it is for your cleaning and maintenance staff to manage bed bugs quietly as a simple daily housekeeping task — instead of shelling out millions on repeat exterminator visits.

We’ll also update the blog daily to let you know how the show is going and share any interesting stories we experience.

On behalf of the whole Bed Bug Bureau Covert Tactics Division, this is Field Intelligence Agent Dwayne Coots signing off for now!

See you at the British Columbia Hospitality Industry Conference & Exposition!