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Bed Bug Bureau Invades Canada

You’re invited to come and join the Bed Bug Bureau LIVE in Vancouver, BC on Monday November 23rd and Tuesday November 24th for the British Columbia Hospitality Industry Conference & Exposition!

We’ll be waiting for you in Booth #826 with presentations and free literature about our amazing bed bug treatment solution (you know… the one the exterminators don’t want you to know about!).

We’re so excited to be attending this conference and expect the turnout to be huge. Since it is focused on the hospitality industry we’re sure to see some of our commercial hotel clients. It’s going to be a blast and the weather is really mild so head out to the show. Stop by and say hey so we can put a face to your name.

We’ll also be circulating around the show all day long telling folks about our breakthrough Detect-Deter-Destroy solution for commercial bed bug management. If you have never seen one of our videos you’re in for a treat! We will have the big screen going the whole time so you can see first hand how easy it is for your cleaning and maintenance staff to manage bed bugs quietly as a simple daily housekeeping task — instead of shelling out millions on repeat exterminator visits.

We’ll also update the blog daily to let you know how the show is going and share any interesting stories we experience.

On behalf of the whole Bed Bug Bureau Covert Tactics Division, this is Field Intelligence Agent Dwayne Coots signing off for now!

See you at the British Columbia Hospitality Industry Conference & Exposition!