Treat Bed Bugs with Bed Bug Spray

One very effective way to treat a bed bug infestation is with bed bug spray. Many times the results that can be achieved with this method are downplayed. More often than not however, an ineffective response is due not to the method itself, but inefficiencies in how the method is employed. There are several necessary steps that should be taken before treatment in order to make it effective.

The first thing that you should know about bed bugs is that they are awesome hiders. The have small, flat bodies that can angle into just about any crevice or fold, making them invisible to the untrained eye. An additional advantage that they have over humans is that they only come out at night. Generally the wee hours of the morning, between 1 and 3 am are when they are out and about, and this is typically the best time to see where they are hiding.

The do leave signs of their presence however, that can make an infestation a bit easier to diagnose, and the problem a bit more visible for locating. They are in fact, pretty predictable. The essence of their life is breeding and feeding and this is usually done where you sleep because you are their prime food source when they live in your home. The first places to check is where anyone sleeps, including the furniture and areas by and behind the sleeping areas.

Once you have checked your bed and the sleeping areas of other sleeping areas in your home you must give consideration to your pets. Bed bugs are just as happy to feed on cats, dogs, birds and other household pets so checking these sleeping areas is a prime way not to miss any of your targets. Make certain to check the areas that are surrounding your pet’s sleeping area as well.

Bed bugs leave nasty trails of feces where ever they are present. These look like little black and brown clusters of dots. They excrete where they eat and these are usually spotted on mattress covers, sheets and the mattress itself.

To ensure the best treatment you need to declutter your home. Never before was there a better time to start throwing away all of the things that take up space but are never used and will never be. It is a lot harder to get rid of bed bugs when you leave tons of places for them to hid. The less clutter, the less likely hiding places there will be. You can also treat your laundry in a high temperature drier. Once they have been dried until they are painful to touch you can be fairly certain that the bed bugs are dead.

You should not begin a bed bug spray treatment without first clearing away clutter. Every unnecessary item that is left in a pile of clutter represents a new possible hiding place for bed bugs. This makes spraying less effective. Use the spray according to the expressed manufacturer instructions as they do have variations from brand to brand. Taking extra measures before spraying is guaranteed to give you better results as you work to eliminate this problem.

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